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Cruizin' Entertainment LLC are groundbreaking DJ's straight out of Maryland with an ear for what sounds good. Cruizin' Entertainment LLC takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical formats, sampling different genres from the 50's, 60's,70's, 80's, 90's and beyond. I am also on-air radio personality. Our personalities are made for DJ'ing and having fun. We are sure to get your party goers dancing on the floor. We have 200,000 songs plus in our library, so if you want it, odds are we got it. We also have over 8,000 music video's, just like the MTV era. If you're throwing that throwback 80's or 90's party, you can make it even more fun with music videos. The Fabulous Fifties will always be around with Cruizin' Entertainment, so if you're throwing a Sock Hop party well we're the DJ service you want. We have those great doowop tunes, if you're looking for the 60's and 70's we have those awesome decades also. If you're throwing a 40's and early 50's party, well you guessed it we have the music. As a Program Director and Music director of a radio station, I know music, and as a radio DJ I know how to entertain so you have the entire package with Cruizin' Entertainment LLC.

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